Subject to the conditions, exclusions and limitations stated below, Doors Galore warrants its products and services free of defects for one year from install or delivery date. After such time, all remaining warranties are then covered by product suppliers of Doors Galore.
*In order to validate your warranty, all doors and frames must be painted in accordance with manufacturers recommendations (available online).*

Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations

This warranty will not cover the following:
~Any defects caused by misuse or mishandling by purchaser.
~Any defects caused by improper maintenance.
~Any defects caused by extreme heat or rain. (Dark colours not recommended to sun and rain exposure)

Supplier lists

*Supplier warranties available online as per links to websites below:

Warranty Claim Procedure

Remedies (within first year): Purchaser must report any concern within one year of delivery or install. We will have a store representative to determine a reasonable solution.
Remedies (after one year): If there are any questions or concerns after the Doors Galore one year warranty has expired, you may choose to call Doors Galore and we can provide you with a quote to resolve any concerns.
Note: Products may have remaining warranties that extend beyond the Doors Galore one year warranty. Delivery, installation and painting of these products are not covered by these warranties. Only product is covered.