Interior Doors Surrey

Interior Doors in Surrey & Greater Vancouver

Give the inside of your home an upgrade with new interior doors from Doors Galore. We offer a wide variety of doors from raised panel hollow core and shaker style doors fit for a bedroom or bathroom, to glass doors that provide a seamless transition into your dining room or den. We also offer a range of closet door styles, such as folding doors, mirror doors and classic double doors. For more information on our selection of indoor doors in Surrey, contact Doors Galore today.

Interior Doors by Doors Galore

Doors Galore offers machining of doors to fit existing frames, prehung doors with new frames, as well as installation services.

MACHINING AND CUTTING CHARGES: (applies to raised panel & shaker doors)

To drill handle hole and have hinges cut out to match existing door frame: add $30 to each door.                                                                                                                                                                                                   To have a door cut down to a non standard height: add $30 to each door. (for non standard width, please inquire)


4 9/16 primed frame added to your door: add $95

6 9/16 primed frame added to your door: add $125 

INSTALLATION CHARGES FOR DOORS & BIFOLDS: (based on $500. minimum install charge)

To measure, deliver & install single door into existing frame: add $95 each door.

To measure, deliver & install each bifold into existing opening: add $75 each door.

To measure, deliver & install door and frame: add $150 each door.

(Mouldings extra) To install standard casings around both sides of door: add $125 each door.