Renovation Permit

Renovation Permits

Maybe you’re coming to Doors Galore to look for a new door for your front entrance. Or maybe you’re looking for a new interior bedroom door. But have you considered that, if you are doing extensive renovation work beyond just getting a new door, you might need to have a renovation permit from the city?

Just installing a new door won’t likely require a renovation permit. But, if you are examining doors as part of renovating your basement into a legal secondary suite, or if you are adding a new kitchen onto the back of your house with a door to the deck, you could end up with large fines if you do not take all the appropriate steps. We at Doors Galore care about our customers, so we’re here to offer you a little bit of information about permits for your home renovation.

The very first thing you should do when considering renovations is talk to someone in the know, such as a contractor or someone at your local municipality, to determine which kind of permit you need based on your renovation plans. Often, checking your local government’s website is a good place to start to sort out what types of permits are required in your area.

Getting a permit is often very easy and not very expensive. Many experts suggest only needing to allocate approximately 1% of your renovation budget to securing a permit, a small pittance to avoid hefty fines!

Did you know that, if you fail to secure a permit, or even the correct permit, your house could become uninsurable? Because insurance companies want to ensure that your renovations were done according to the letter of the law, they will check your permits. They could decline you for insurance or increase your premiums if the correct permits were not secured. Don’t take that chance!

Thinking of selling? Home inspectors will call attention to potential buyers any work that was not done correctly, a case that can be prevented if proper building codes are followed as per the correct permits.

The most important reason to acquire a permit for renovations is to ensure that work is done to a high standard in order to protect a home’s occupants. So by getting a permit for your work, you are keeping your family safe! Keep in mind, this isn’t necessary for hanging a new door; we just want to make sure that our customers think of everything and stay safe, regardless of the work we’re doing with them!

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