Energy Efficiency, Doors, and Windows

Energy Efficiency, Doors, and Windows

You work hard for your money. You probably have energy efficient appliances and maybe you have a smart home programmable thermostat device. But have you considered redoing your doors and windows to increase your energy efficiency at home? Having the right doors and windows installed by professionals will go a long way to saving you money!

Don’t just take it from us - even BC Hydro advertises that having the proper doors and windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your energy efficiency and save money.

Plus, not only will you ensure long-term savings but you will increase the overall value of your home!

So what can you do to improve your energy efficiency at home?

  1. Get the right doors. We help you choose the right door for your home to maximize energy efficiency while maintaining the look of your house. We don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function - we get you both! Plus, we consider everything from your home’s orientation, the natural climate of your city, whether you need foam insulated-core doors, and low-emissivity coatings. Don’t take chance - call the pros who will walk you through the ins and outs of your new doors.  
  2. Get the right windows. Don’t just apply weather stripping around those old, bent aluminum frames. Gaps will still happen, causing you to lose precious resources. Installing storm windows can allow you to reduce air leaking by 20-30% while improving comfort. (note, I can do a whole post on storm windows to link to at another date) Even better than adding storm windows over existing windows is to replace the entire window with energy-efficient windows. There are all kinds of windows with different energy performance ratings so we can help you choose the right ones for your home’s design and budget. We take into consideration all the factors, such as frames, glazing, orientation, and window operation. (We can write another post later specifically about the different kinds you offer).
  3. Have them installed by a professional. While installing new doors or windows by yourself might seem like a cost-saver at the time, this decision could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. Professionals know how to expertly and precisely measure and fit to ensure there are no gaps through which heat or air conditioning can escape. Escaping heat in the winter time or air conditioning in the summer time can cause your home to work even harder and run your costs up!  

Call Doors Galore today to see how we can help save you money by increasing the energy efficiency of your home!