Door Company in Surrey Providing Hand Crafted Custom Doors

Would you like your home’s main entryway or patio doors to make an absolutely unique impression in looks and quality? Call Doors Galore, the door company in Surrey that designs, fabricates and installs custom doors to meet our clients’ specifications. All work on your custom exterior door can include your choice of door handles, door locks, window inserts, door frame, and paint. You will know your new door is one of a kind because it is handmade by an individual, experienced craftsman at our Surrey location.

You Do the Designing at Our Door Company in Surrey

How does Doors Galore ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their custom doors from our Surrey door company? Here are the steps that lead to your perfect new door, start to finish.

Your Vision: We encourage our customers to bring in helpful images – photos or drawings – to begin the process of deciding what type of custom doors they want. We will help you determine the look and qualities you want, and our craftsmen will build your new door based on the personal vision that you provide.

Showroom Tour: Our experienced door specialist will tour our Surrey door showroom with you to see the options you have available. During the tour, we discuss the type of door that best suits your preferences for security, energy efficiency and maintenance. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision in choosing the door that fits your home’s needs and boosts its curb appeal, too.

Custom Features: To ensure you have the finished door you want down to the last detail, ask our door specialist about all the available custom features. We will assist you with the exact specifications, including the door material, frame, moulding, weather stripping, and windows. We also offer a generous selection of door hardware such as locks, knobs or handles, and handle sets.

Individual Crafting: Using all of your specifications and images, a highly experienced craftsman constructs your custom door at our Surrey location. Starting with a raw material frame and door, we construct a unit that will fit your home in size, shape and aesthetic. We will pre-finish your door in our shop so it is completely ready for installation.

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Installation of Custom Doors in Surrey & Greater Vancouver

After Doors Galore creates your custom doors in our Surrey shop, we offer options for installation, too. Our door installers can professionally install your new door, Prefer to do your own pickup? Stop by our Surrey door company on 120th Street (Scott Road).